Alternate Self

I sat next to myself as a man, slowly dying and afraid. This won’t be a typical post. This is the account of an event having a significant effect on me; an encounter I won’t forget. For those that read my blog often, you know that I post on various social media platforms. To preserve […]

Check Yer Semantics

You’re not triggered. You’re lazy and entitled. This incursion of assholes using the word “triggered” to describe everyday events has to end. I’m not against those who’ve legitimately suffered a trauma using the word to signal others when something has affected them. Get that shit off your chest. Also, get some help. Don’t stay damaged. […]

Concussed and cussing

Where do I start? Life’s been in full swing. Let’s begin with the throbbing in my head. It’s always fun detailing the exploits that have landed me in whatever predicament I’m in that I’ve found necessary to write (rant) about. Yesterday, with some time to kill at my desk, I threw on some lectures I […]

Wax on, Wax off

The evolution of the razor is glorious. The very first razor I used was a single-blade, blue, Bic men’s razor. I recall looking into the rusted corners of that razor and thinking I’m a woman now – I’ve arrived. Looking back, I’m horrified. I nicked myself several times with that royal blue bacteria factory. It’s […]


I’m back at it! Watch this only if you ain’t got shit else to do and you’re not squeamish. It’s really not that bad, I’m just trying to hook you into watching my video. There is singing though – you’ve been warned! Be thankful that I refrained from uploading the photo I took of the […]

Is This The End?

It’s been some time since I’ve been genuinely irritated by someone. I think there might be something seriously wrong with me. While I categorically deny being near a nervous breakdown over the recent loss of my ID at the San Diego airport, I maintain I was not irritated. I even kept my cool with the […]