Unintelligent Design

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“Intelligent Design” is such a steaming pile of horse shit — every time some dumbass says it, part of me wants to hit them in the head with a shovel.

unintelligent design

Don’t worry I’m not going to cave in their little Christian pin heads… But I have lost a few “Facebook friends” when they throw out a “reasonable argument” or “evidence” of God. They always come back to the same old shitty syllogism:

“If every complex thing was designed;

And the universe is complex;

Then the universe must have an intelligent designer.”

Their conclusion is of course: the designer has to be an illiterate carpenter named Jesus (i.e. give to my church now).

At first, I try to be nice and just follow their logic and ask a simple question: “If everything is designed, who designed the designer?”

Most of them get all pissy…

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