4 thoughts on “Proof of Life

  1. “You should try peddling your wares at the mall at a kiosk because I don’t drink blueberry or coconut flavoured coffee…” 😂


  2. Glad you’re still alive, even without regular coffee. I like your spending habits. I too had lousy credit at age 40, due to never having had a credit card. Finally got one that required me to deposit a thousand dollars and then charge things like it was a debit card. Within about a year that allowed me to get a normal credit card. And now, after many years of charging, I can go into debt up to my ears, because my credit is so spectacular. So keep plugging away. You can turn this credit debacle around.

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  3. You got it right — get a card and charge everything on it that you would pay cash for and then pay it off. I got a card that gives me air miles. I put everything onto a few cards and pay them off — I don’t even wait for a payment due notification. I just use my bank app and pay that shit off after a few days so it doesn’t earn interest. I had super shitty credit at one point and now I’m at the point where it’s excellent (of course, having a kidney stone and no job at the moment might start pulling it down a bit when medical bills come due). Hang in there!


  4. Black coffee good — “Regular coffee” in Boston is two creams and two sugars… I found that out the hard way. When I told the girl — where I’m from “regular” is just black coffee with caffeine, she asked “where you from “MAAARS” in that fucked up Mass accent… Good luck on your regular coffee hunt.


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