When writing isn’t an option…

It was bound to happen again – behold, the video entry

5 thoughts on “When writing isn’t an option…

  1. Ha ha, poor bastard. When I was young, if I said something dumb or embarrassing, I’d sometimes compound the issue by trying to explain myself out of it, and basically throw gas on the fire. I remember being super embarrassed about having to buy condoms from a middleaged woman when I was 19, but my desire to get laid overcame it.

    I’ve thought about doing a vlog on occasion.

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    1. The first take of that vlog was actually better but I recorded it in portrait rather than landscape. I wish I could email it to ya; I prefer it to the one I posted.
      I’d love to see a vlog of yours sometime; that bullshit artist, too. 😉


  2. Haha. This was hilarious. Kind of like a sardonic, irreverent Anthony Bourdain review of down there wipes. Ever considered doing a little stand up. I think you’ll be great at it. You don’t give a hoot about being politically correct, which, in my opinion is a good thing. The video was George Carlinish


    1. An incredibly generous compliment. Thank you. The first take was actually much better – the phone rang half way through and I played into it flawlessly. Unfortunately, I shot it in portrait instead of landscape. I’m nit-picky about the minutia. Thanks for watching.

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