The New Journey Begins

Thanks for joining me!

I finally gave up on Blogspot. Fuck that shitshow!

For the better part of 6 months friends and family have been telling me that they haven’t been able to post comments on my blog without first submitting to a brief physical exam and submitting DNA for verification.

Listen, I don’t much care if my family gets to comment or not. In fact, it’s probably best those assholes keep their mouths shut. I don’t need them telling their version of the truth to my stories. It’s when friends can’t praise me that I’m affected. I require validation – I’m a needy bitch.

It’s going to take some time for me to figure out this new site. It’s like men trying to figure out sex rhythm or the clit and g-spot; do you tap or rub? For the record, men, most of us are against using teeth. Playful nibbling is only for nipples and ears. Keep your teeth away from my vagina.

I should let you all know: I don’t do change well. There will be complaining and whining. I expect you all to cut me some goddamn slack. I also better start seeing some more comments. None of this, “It wouldn’t let me” or “I had this amazing comment typed out but it kicked me off the server.” Bullshit! Not anymore.

Blazing ahead with a new domain but all of the same incoherent babble! I’d run if I were you, but not before leaving me a nice comment. Thanks!

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